We are a New York-based platform for architectural design, speculation and collaboration. Operating at the scale of objects, buildings and ideas, we practice architecture as a process of shaping social, political and civic relationships through rigorous experimentation with forms and ideas.



Annie Barrett is an architect and educator based in New York. She is principal of Barrett Architecture Studio, co-founder of Team Projects, and visiting lecturer at Princeton and Columbia Universities where she teaches introductory and advanced design studios. Prior to forming BAS in 2014, Annie led the design of numerous cultural and civic projects as a senior project manager at Architecture Research Office including the Flea Theater Performing Arts Complex, the Brooklyn Bridge Park Environmental Education Center, and the Greenwich South Strategic Framework. Annie received an Honorable Mention for the Van Alen Institute’s New York Prize, and serves on the boards of SUPERFRONT and Gowanus by Design. Her work has been published in Metropolis, New York Magazine, Gizmodo, and The Architect's Newspaper. Annie is licensed in the state of New York has been an invited juror at Harvard, Princeton, Yale, Rice, Columbia, Barnard, MIT, Berkeley, the University of Toronto and Northeastern.





Present and past BAS collaborators and contributors:

Lucas Bucknavage

Alexander Collier

Miku Dixit

Jacqueline Park

Raquel Richter

Nicklos Tafel

Gray Wartinger