Selected design team

Re-Envisioning Branch Libraries  / The Architectural League and the Center for an Urban Future


BAS formed and led the interdisciplinary team UNION which was selected by The Architectural League to develop visionary architectural possibilities for the transformation and rehabilitation of the New York City branch library team.  

Our team was commissioned to develop images of designs to inspire the city’s commitment to a new era of capital investment in the system. But as we studied the challenge at hand, we formed the opinion that simply imagining better more creative, or more inventive buildings would not alone address the fundamental challenges today’s libraries face. Instead, our design proposal envisions strategic architectural innovation at multiple scales: a portfolio of design and strategy proposals that would build momentum around a re-conceptualization of the city’s branch libraries.

The completed project was presented at a public symposium to galvanize civic leaders around a a reinvestment in the City’s library infrastructure.